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"I wanted this portrait as a beautiful way to honor my mother and my daughter. A symbol of the bond we as three generations of women share; and we can pass down from one to another. It will be cherished forever."

Shelly T.

"We loved it! It's on the main wall and gets lots of comments. It made my husband cry a tear"

Jennifer E.

"Everyone who sees it raves at how natural it is. A nice keepsake for that time in her life"

Kathy W.

"I absolutely adore my picture!"

Val L.

"Mom broke down because it was so awesome of Gramma, daughter, granddaughter and 3 great granddaughters"

Betsy D.

"Mom has it in her living room and company thinks it's beautiful. The granddaughter took it for 'show and tell' "

Diane M.

"Friends think about it and most have waited too long, I'm so happy I didn't, because I lost my mom 3 months later. Obviously, it is so precious for my family to have."

Sheila S.

"When we look at our picture it reminds us of how much fun we had that day!"

Marion R.

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