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As a man, I have to confess to a high degree of fascination, awe and respect of the mysterious relationships that exist between mothers and daughters. This bond seems at times almost magical and mystical, at times stormy and tense, but always deep and profound. In the best selling book "Mothers and Daughters" the author remarks how "mother and daughters are reflected in each other" and that "daughters, no matter how many siblings, are the ones who remain closest to their mothers for life".

In order to explore and celebrate this special bond, we have decided to create a "Tribute to Mothers and Daughters" exhibit which will take place at the Quality Resort Bayside (Parksville) starting on Mothers Day.

You Are Invited!

We want to include new mothers and babies, mothers with older and grown children, multi generations, and everything in between. We need at least 30 to 50 people to participate in this project. If you or someone you know would like to take part, please contact us immediately. We need to shoot these portraits very soon to have them finished by May 8.

The Sitting

We will not charge a sitting fee for any of the participants in this project, and photographs for the show will be available at special one-time only prices. Please call me as soon as possible if you would like to participate.

The Exhibition

The show will be put up on the evening before Mother's Day in the lobby of the Quality Resort Bayside here in Parksville, right at the entrance to their Heron's Restaurant.

The restaurant puts on a huge Mother's Day brunch every year (book early if you want a space) and hundreds of people come to have brunch and view the portraits. We receive many, many gratifying comments.

Mother & Daughters Gallery

Visit my online mother & daughter portraits gallery.

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