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Creating a Special Portrait

First and most important is my desire to create a portrait for you which will help you to look your best, and capture the spirit of the occasion. I love making portraits and spare no effort to create the finest portraits. I believe in taking the time to create something special and worthwhile. This includes making sure that you know how the session will happen, what to expect, helping you plan clothing etc.

A Precious Possession

I understand how important and precious portraits are. Clients have told us that their family portrait is the most precious thing possess. I feel priviledged that people choose me to make their portraits. I take the responsibility very seriously (even though I might seem like I'm pretty goofy when I'm doing the session). I believe that it is important to have fun with people to achieve the kind of moment we want to capture.

After the Photo Shoot

Once the images have been captured, and the selections made, we make custom prints with the highest quality materials. All your portraits will be carefully and tastefully enhanced to make sure that everyone will look their best while still appearing natural. Next your portrait is sealed with a special laquer, or a laminate, then mounted on art board. Finally, when you come to pick up your finished portraits we will help you choose a frame, and frame it while you wait so you can take it home and hang it that day.

I am very proud of what I do and sincerely wish to create something for you which is beautiful, artistic, meaningful, and lasting.

Areas near Parksville I Work In

I primarily work in Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo, and District 69, but I am available to work anywhere on Vancouver Island. Please click here for more info on my Parksville studio.

My Photographic Work

I work in everything from commercial photography, to portrait photography. This includes family portraits, pet portraits, mother & daughter portraits, children portraits, baby portraits, and many other kinds! Please visit my gallery for examples of my work.

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